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Your body has the ability to heal itself from certain injuries or conditions. Think about this simple example: a paper cut. Within a day or so, most people get a scab at the site of the cut. That scab is the body working to heal the skin and the tissue beneath it.


Regenerative medicine relies on the body’s ability to heal itself. The goal is to replace, or restore, human cells, tissues or organs. The hope is that over time your injured tissue will work normally again.  


Regenerative medicine may help your body:

  • Heal injuries faster.

  • Repair damaged tissues.

  • Have less pain.

  • Function better.


Regenerative medicine has been used to treat a variety of injuries and conditions, such as:

  • Tendon injuries, including Achilles tendonitis, rotator-cuff injuries and “tennis elbow”.

  • Arthritis and cartilage injuries.

  • Plantar fasciitis (heel pain).

  • Muscle strains.

  • Ligament sprains.

  • Degenerative disc disease.

  • Facet joint arthritis.

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Platelet-rich plasma is a safe, effective, all-natural procedure to heal damaged joints and soft tissue to eliminate your chronic pain. Growth factors in your blood platelets stimulate your tissues and cells that promote the growth of new tissues and replacement of those damaged by disease or injury. You get faster, more complete healing without downtime or habit-forming prescription pain killers.


Prolotherapy is a regenerative medicine procedure that stimulates tissue healing and repair.  Prolotherapy treatment will stimulate the body's immune response to repair, rebuild and strengthen through injection of small volumes of dextrose (sugar) solution over painful ligaments, tendons and joints.  Prolotherapy has been used to treat chronic muscoloskeletal pain and injuries for over 100 years, however its modern application can be traced back to the 1950s.

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